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The Bits Must Flow!

Why #OPENPIPES? Well, if you’re here you probably already know. But just in case, we’ll explain…

It’s a bit of a double entendre.

First, we’re talking about the age old goal of every network; open pipes. An infrastructure built to allow frames and packets to flow freely across it. Through it. Over it. Whatever. The internet is a series of tubes after all. And we’re just the plumbers and pipefitters.

Second, we’re talking about open as in FOSS (free and open source software) and the community it takes to make interconnection and the internet work. In this sense, open pipes refers to the software tools needed to achieve the above goal of open pipes. And the grassroots community.

Confused yet? Great. Just keep scrolling – it gets worse.


But Why?

This is the point where you say: Ok, cool. Hashtag openpipes, bro. But why build a website? Just showing off the cool domain name? Or, what? An excuse to put dope 8 bit art on the internet?

Well, yeah. That. But also some other reasons too:

  • To share free tools to help you keep the pipes open
  • To share information to help you, well, you know…
  • To collect and share helpful links to other sites and organizations across the web
  • To become your go-to resource for interconnection and BGP focused network automation best practices


What’s On The Site


A curated collection of creative software solutions to common networking and interconnection issues.


Best current operational practices (BCOPs) and less formal tips and tricks all pulled together in one place.


Let us scour the web for you, so you only need one bookmark when it comes to interconnection and the internet.